Communicate your brand to the outer world.

Banner Builder automates the adoptions for your marketing campaign.

Quality Outcome

Your effort is in the creation of the design. Banner Builder creates the output.

Both for print and online marketing adaptions.
Tram Banner
Website Banner

How it works

The simple, collaborative and fast process of marketing banner creation, with Banner Builder

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Upload InDesign files with different sizes

You upload for each banner layout and size an Adobe InDesign file to the Banner Builder.

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Configuration of smart templates

We will transform the InDesign files to smart templates.

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Upload campaign imagery & content

You upload the campaign images which will be used in the creation of banners.

Crop Icon

Crop ratio layout definition

We will add crop ratios to add the right cut-off matching the InDesign layout.

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Upload Excel sheet with copywrites

You upload a Microsoft Excel sheet with copy in various languages.

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Transformation of copies to fit

We will transform this copy to fit in your banner layout.

of Banner Builder’s features, process and services

Banner Designer

Module Comparison

Banner Generator


Banner Designer

Detailed banner creation

With the banner designer module, you can create marketing banners, while focusing on the content and details.


Banner Generator

Automation friendly

Nothing will be skipped, everything will be  made. Both cost and time efficient. Generates all possible banners.


Banner Designer

Highly customizable

Due to the smart templates, created in the  pre-production process, marketing banners become highly customizable.


Banner Generator

Fast approval

Because every possible banner is generated, you can easily manage the outcomes and quickly choose which banners to use.

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Are you ready to create marketing banners in a fast and easy way?

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Marcomware empowers your marketing organization. Artwork designers, DAM system and more.


The ultimate store toolkit

Online platform to share marketing guidelines and centrally developed materials.


Photography Management

All stakeholders in the e-commerce product photography process are connected to one online platform.

Banner builder

Communicate your brand to the outer world, visually.


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Pampuslaan 76 – 82
1382 JR, Weesp

Near Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 294 465 000